Truck Rental

Located on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Pro-Turf Landscaping is a full service landscape contractor specializing in bark mulch blowing.  We offer residential  and commercial services to all of Massachusetts & New Hampshire.  

We can also travel to Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island & Connecticut to complete commercial jobs and large residential projects for our expanding client base. 

If you have a large project, over 50 yards, we offer truck and operator rental services- see below.

You provide and load the mulch, and we do the rest!

Pro-Turf uses state of the art equipment. We have an Express Bark Mulch Blower truck and two Finn Bark Mulch Blower trucks for mulching jobs.  We can easily install mulch on hard to reach areas, steep slopes, rooftops, & all mulch beds with ease.  Bark blowing is much more efficient than the old shovel & wheelbarrow technique.  

We can handle any size mulch job with ease, from 10 yards to 1,000+ yards of material.

We work with many landscapers, builders, and contractors all over New England to provide bark blowing services to many of their clients. 

Simply prepare all of your clients beds, and we will provide full coverage bark mulch installation with our trucks in as few trips as possible. Save time and money! Ditch the shovels, wheel barrows, and manual labor. 

Higher minimums may apply to areas outside of our local service area. Please call for details.

MA: (978) 957-TURF 
NH: (603) 635-TURF

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Our in stock mulch colors include black hardwood, hemlock blend, and red cedar. We use only the highest quality, premium bark mulch. We also have access to many other colors and types you may prefer. Blown in mulch provides a beautiful, smooth finish to your beds.

Save time, energy, and money by using our bark mulch blowing services for your mulch application!

We provide truck rental services by the hour, day, or week for multiple contractors and landscapers.

We provide 1 or more trucks with technicians, and you provide the mulch and machine to load the trucks. 

We can blow up to 200 yards per day depending on bed sizes, locations, and number of trucks you rent.

Get the job done right! Rent a bark blowing truck and save the hassle of doing it the old fashioned way.  


We service many homes, school districts, and municipalities all over New England for application of playground mulch. 

We source our IPEMA Certified Kid Kushion mulch from the best local distributors. 

Our technicians are highly experienced in applying adequate coverage to fall zones for maximum impact safety to reduce potential playground injury.